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Our Policies and Procedures

Crown Scientific's policies are based on simplicity and transparency. During our more than 15 years of providing service to our customers, we have done our best to ensure that our policies and procedures are clear and free of complexity.

1. Transactions

We support both online and offline (traditional) transactions.

1.1. Online Transactions (upon checkout, use "Credit Card" option)

For online transactions, our terms of payment are far simpler and less time-consuming than our offline (conventional) transactions.

Simply select your desired products and add them to your shopping cart, along with your shipping address, and simply pay online and receive an official proof of purchase.

The order is now placed securely and ready for immediate shipping!

At the same time that the order is placed, the shipping process gets started, thanks to the online secure transaction and automatic transfer of funds to our account through third-party brokers (all brokerage costs are covered by us). The goods will be shipped by the end of the same day, or on the following day if payment was made after 3:00 pm.

With online ordering, the terms of payment are as simple as clicking the "Check out" button in our online store!

Important: The next time you order, if you have opted to register as a customer, the process will be much faster since you will not be required to specify your company information, shipping address, etc. In addition, you will enjoy our frequent and generous promotion options.

The infographic below shows how online web transactions work:

Infographic for HPLC/GC Online Transactions
1.2. Offline Transactions (upon checkout, use "Offline Payment Methods" option)

After adding your desired products to your shopping cart and upon checking out, you can opt for "Offline payment methods." This way, your order will be automatically sent to us and the shipment will be pending receipt of proof of payment. You can pay either via bank (bank or wire transfer, bank draft, or couriered money order — tracking number required), and email us the proof of payment, at which time the goods will be shipped by the end of the same day, or on the following day if proof of payment is received after 3:00 pm.

If you opt to pay by cheque, then you will need to mail us the cheque and notify us after placing the order.

The infographic below shows how offline web transaction works:

Infographic for HPLC/GC Offine Transactions
1.3. Traditional Transactions (You Contact Us)

This is the most time-consuming type of transaction, used for customers who like to call us in person and start the process.

The infographic below shows how traditional transactions work:

Infographic for HPLC/GC Traditional Transactions

Note: The process of shipment by Crown Scientific usually takes 3 to 5 business days.

For Maturity payment date, please click here for information.

2. Warranty

As part of our commitment to the quality and integrity of our products, we are pleased to extend a lifetime warranty against any operating flaw resulting from a defect in material, manufacturing or design in all of our products. Lifetime is defined as the normal life expectancy of the equivalent OEM part. In the rare event that you experience a problem with any of our parts, please contact us to arrange for return or replacement.

All of our products are manufactured by pioneering names in the manufacturing of parts for analytical instruments (HPLC and GS) equipment. In fact, since we source our parts directly from the original part manufacturers, we offer you parts that are equivalent or even better in quality and price than those offered by the OEM.

3. Shipment

All shipments to USA, Canada, Mexico, South and Central America, Europe, Africa and Asia are made using the most cost-effective fees based on bulk rates from established carriers.

While shipping costs and customs fees are paid by the customer (as a common practice across the whole industry), we absorb shipping costs as much as possible, especially for larger orders.

4. Returns Procedure

For any returns, please follow these steps:

  1. Notify us by email or through our contact page, informing us of the order number and the items(s) to be returned, as well as the reason for the return.
  2. Wait for our response email containing the return authorization (RA) number and the return label.
  3. Upon receiving our email with the RA, place the labels on the original box (or an appropriate shipping box). That’s it! Just wait for the shipping carrier to come and pick it up!

As soon as the returned items are received and inspected*, you will be refunded.

Please allow enough time for receipt of the RA and pickup. We do our best to minimize the time.

* As a common rule, we refund items that are defected and not damaged due to negligence. In interpreting the word "negligence," we always side with our customers!