HPLC/GC accessories and parts
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How to Order

You can order our products in one of two ways: online or offline.

Option 1: Ordering Online

The whole process of finding and ordering your desired product online is simple and straightforward: Just search through a combination of the product attributes through our sophisticated search tool and you will find the product, and then scrutinize the wealth of useful information about it, and then add it to your shopping cart!

Below you can see the infographic of this simple process:

Infographic for HPLC/GC Online Ordering

Option 2: Ordering Offline

Ordering offline is somewhat more complex and time-consuming than online.

While searching for the desired product is the same, the process of payment and verification takes more steps and more time for both you and Crown Scientific.

Below you can see the infographic of this process:

Infographic for HPLC/GC offline Ordering